Operation: Countdown to Zero

Operation Countdown to Zero is a combined effort of many customers of Wizards of the Coast to break through the wall that the company's Customer Service department (CS) has built up. We want to let important managers know about the way that the company's Community Management department (CM) is treating customers. One person in particular, Mike Lescault (Gamer Zer0), has made the online community a very unpleasant place. So far he has managed to get any post he didn't like removed, he is making sure that higher-ups only hear what he wants them to hear, and he treats many members of the boards with disrespect and contempt.

However, he might not be aware that customers are a force to be reckoned with, and that's what Operation Countdown to Zero will teach him. We will use a force of numbers approach to get the word out, send complaints to people who have the power to change something, and show him how difficult it is to censor information when you make many enemies.

Please join the fun and help us show a company the power of customers.
I'm RadioactiveWizard, I'll provide a little structure over the next days to make this operation successful. If you want to contact me:
C _ to _ 0 @   (remove the spaces).

 Please remember to complain to:

Randy Buehler

VP of Digital Gaming

Wizards of the Coast

1600 Lind Ave. SW, Suite 400

Renton, WA 98055

I suggest sending him a real letter, instead of an email. Be certain that your letters are polite, professional, and specific as to your concerns.

If you don't want to send Randy a letter, send him an email: 

Preparing for Operation Countdown to Zero

This is what we'll do:

When are we launching Operation Countdown to Zero?
This Friday, 6pm Pacific Time

So what exactly do we do this weekend?
Starting on Friday, we'll post a few polite posts throughout the Wizards Gleemax forum, pointing out that people like Gamer Zer0 (Mike Lescault) aren't listening to customers, and we'll suggest that people send a letter to Randy Buehler and complain. This will all be done in a polite way, and Mike should have no reason to remove it. However, if he removed it anyway, we'll be putting up more of these messages until they go up faster than he can delete them. That's why we need a large crowd for this 'customers vs. Gleemax game'.

Who will be informed?
We'll use Friday morning to post the information on other message boards. If you visit other message boards and want to help out, I'll give you a text to post. Hopefully we'll get a large crowd to 'descend upon the Gleemax forums'.

How do I know what to post?
Soon you'll find a few posting guidelines here. You'll also find an entire text here that you can just copy and paste.

Will there be a list of forums that are covered?

Yes. The following forums have been informed. If you can get the word out to other gamer forums, take the second template from the template page (or write your own text) and post it there.


EN-World (ISRP)


LeftHand Games


When does this operation end?

Monday (May 26th) in the evening. We'll see what Wizards does and if we need to do more.

What can I do to prepare?
Register one or more accounts on, so that you can post in the forums. Accounts are linked to an email address which you need to verify. I recommend using the site for getting a quick email address, but there are other services just like it.

Can I remain anonymous?

Yes, you can. I don't think that Wizards will have a reason to do anything against customers who speak up (any company should be glad about that), but if you don't trust them, you can send me an email and tell me you want to know how you can hide your IP address. I'll send you instructions.

Is this the only site with information about the operation?
No, you can find the same information here (in case one of the sites goes down):

Questions? Send me an email!
I hope we'll meet this weekend for Operation Countdown to Zero.